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Wiki Modernization!/story/2000641

The OpenStack wiki at needs to be fully Puppetized, upgraded to the current stable version of MediaWiki and upgraded to a newer Ubuntu LTS version.

Problem Description

Vandalism to the wiki this year has highlighted the fact that we need to upgrade the wiki in order to apply modern security fixes and begin using modern spam fighting tools. In the short term, we have disabled new account creation but this is restricting the value of the wiki and unfairly disadvantaging new contributors.

It is current running on Ubuntu 12.04 and dependencies dictate that we upgrade to 14.04 in order to get the most recent version of MediaWiki.

The installation is also not fully Puppetized, so some parts of our maintenance and upgrade process are manual and not fully documented.

Proposed Change

This modernization effort has several components.

The full process of installation has to be Puppetized. Investigation needs to be done into the existing puppet-mediawiki modules to see if we should use and contribute to those, or continue building our in house module. The mediawiki package for Ubuntu will continue to not be used, since it’s been dropped from Debian and the packaging and mediawiki community has indicated a preference for source-based installation.

Create new instance running Ubuntu 14.04 in order to move the wiki off of 12.04. Backups will need to be made of the current state of the wiki and data moved as needed.

Using our new Puppetized installation process, migrate the wiki content to the new version of mediawiki our module is using.

Optional: Evaluate continued use of the Ubuntu SSO mechanism for the wiki as we have no control over the compromised spam accounts coming in from that service..


Work with the community to move away from using a wiki at all and evaluate tooling to replace it.

Continue to use a wiki, but evaluate alternatives to MediaWiki and do a migration to that new platform.



Primary assignee:


Gerrit Topic

Use Gerrit topic “wiki-upgrade” for all patches related to this spec.

git-review -t wiki-upgrade

Work Items

  • Evaluate state of PuppetForge puppet-mediawiki modules compared to ours.

  • Work to modernize selected puppet-mediawiki module so it fully meets our needs.

  • Bring up new wiki-dev.o.o instance running Ubuntu 14.04 to begin testing the new wiki, and use in the longer term to coordinate upgrades and new features.

  • Bring up new wiki.o.o instance running Ubuntu 14.04.

  • Come up with migration and rollback plan for data to new server and new version of MediaWiki.

  • Notification to the community around changes with new version and any changes to logging in to or using the wiki.

  • Complete final cutover to new server

  • Evaluate and try the popular, modern spam fighting plugins and techniques on the new server.


Our existing puppet-mediawiki repository may be improved upon if we don’t find a better third party module. No new repositories should be required.


A new wiki-dev.o.o server will be created.

The current wiki.o.o server will be replaced with a new one running Ubuntu 14.04.

DNS Entries

New A/AAAA records will need to be created.


Updates to our system-config documentation for the wiki will need to be completed.


The goal is for security to be increased by this modernization work.


The introduction of the wiki-dev server will help us be more effective with changes made to the wiki server overall. Standard testing of Puppet modules will continue with the puppet-mediawiki module as before.

Automated tooling that updates the wiki will need to be tested and confirmed working.