OpenStack Project Infrastructure Design Specifications

Priority Efforts

These are the efforts we focus our review attention on first. They are a great way to get involved collaboratively with other infrastructure developers.

Gerrit query for all changes related to priority efforts:

status:open AND (topic:puppet-4 OR topic:update-cfg-mgmt)

Approved Design Specifications

These are specifications that have been approved; work may or may not have started on these. Reviewers will review related changes as time permits.

Help Wanted

These are unassigned specifications: they are approved in concept but have yet to attract any volunteers or have lost their volunteers prior to completion. They may also be missing specific details like a Story link, work items, impact, dependencies… Anyone proposing changes implementing one of these is strongly encouraged to amend the associated spec adding themself as an assignee (and fleshing out additional details if necessary) while moving it into the approved section of this index.

Implemented Design Specifications

These specifications have already been implemented and are listed here for historical purposes.

Abandoned Design Specifications

These specifications had been approved previously but have not been implemented, they have been abandoned.

Specifications Repository Information