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Nodepool: Image build and upload workers


Split the image build and upload features of nodepool into separate workers for scalability and flexibility.

Problem Description

In moving to using diskimage-builder (DIB) with nodepool we have encountered some problems with building images on different platforms. DIB should be able to cross-build for most GNU/Linux systems, but we have seen some failures related to this.

Further, updates to the DIB mechanism in nodepool require a full nodepool server restart, which can be somewhat disruptive.

Performing the image building on the same server as nodepool is not currently a resource issue, however, parallel builds are constrained by resources and distributing builds to multiple machines could improve scalability.

Finally, there are some platforms we will never be able to cross-build images on, such as Microsoft Windows. This is not an immediate concern for the OpenStack infrastructure program, but would be a useful feature for downstream consumers of nodepool.

Proposed Change

Create a new worker (independent process which may run on either the main nodepool host or one or more new servers) which perform image build related tasks called “nodepool-builder”.

The nodepool-builder worker would read a configuration file to determine which kinds of images it can produce (determined by the operator according to criteria such as platform or operating system, access to needed external resources, and scaleout plan). It will then register a function with gearman for each kind of image it can build, with the job name of the form “image-build:<imagename>”, e.g., “image-build:centos7”. A unique identifier for the image will be provided as a parameter to the job. It will then use DIB to build the image and store it in a local repository of image files.

Additional image builders may be created to operate in another manner, such as using the existing nodepool on-instance build methodology, or other image building methods yet to be explored. This way the image building mechanism may be substituted more easily in the future.

The nodepool-builder worker will also register functions with gearman with the form “image-upload:<imageid>” where the image id is the image identifier provided in the image-build function. The worker will register such functions each time it completes an image build (it will also register such functions on startup based on the images it has available locally). This is so that the build and upload steps may be separated into separate functions, yet can be routed to the correct worker (which has the image file on a local filesystem). This function will accept as an argument the name of a provider to which the image should be uploaded. It will perform the necessary format conversions on the image file prior to upload. It will return the cloud image id with the WORK_COMPLETE packet.

The builder will also register functions with the form “image-delete:<imageid>” (registered along with the image-upload function as above) which will clean up local data related to the image. When an image is deleted, the corresponding image-delete and image-upload functions will be de-registered from gearman.

The implementation of the worker will be performed in such a way that it will be simple to create a subclass with a different method of performing the image creation. For example, there may be a base class that performs all of the actions described except for the actual image creation, and the actual worker may be a subclass of that which uses DIB as the build implementation.


The build and upload processes could be separate workers. However, the two processes are somewhat tightly coupled since they need to run on the same host and generally in immediate succession. Therefore the current method where they share a process but use modular code to enable different builders to share as much as possible is chosen.



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Gerrit Topic

Use Gerrit topic “nodepool-workers” for all patches related to this spec.

git-review -t nodepool-workers

Work Items

  • Create base class for nodepool-builder that implements above

  • Create nodepool-builder that implements dib-based image builds

  • Alter nodepool to use gearman functions when using dib images only (continuing to use on-instance builds in the main server for other image types during the migration phase)

  • Optional: create nodepool-builder that implements nodepool on-image builds

  • Remove non-dib image builds from the main nodepool server

  • Rename bits of the nodepool server and config that refer to dib specifics (since that is now a build worker implementation detail)


This affects the existing nodepool, system-config, and potentially project-config repos.


Affects the existing nodepool server and may necessitate the creation of new servers for specific nodepool image builders (optional).

DNS Entries

If any image build servers are created, they will need DNS entries.


The infra/system-config nodepool documentation should be updated to describe the new system.


The gearman protocol is cleartext and unauthenticated. IP based access control is currently used, and certificate support along with authentication is planned and work is in progress. No sensitive information will be sent over the wire (workers will read cloud provider credentials from a local file).


This should be testable privately and locally for most image types. Any image types currently supplied by nodepool using dib will need to switch over to the new system immediately. Others may migrate on an image-by-image basis.