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Publish election repository!/story/2000499

Last election cycle (Sept/Oct 2015) a new gerrit based workflow was used to propose and validate candidates for the PTL and TC elections. The publication of validated candidates was somewhat manual in that a list of confirmed candidates needed to be pasted in to a wiki page. This list is trivially generated with sphinx. This spec covers the publication of the openstack/election repo. This will be closely modeled on the existing site and exist on the same vhost.

Problem Description

See above.

Proposed Change

The proposed change is to add the election data to and publish the results of a job run on the openstack/election repo grafted onto The scope for this spec is configuring the graft and arranging for publishing the data. Any additional work would be an additional spec. We’re asking for minimal help with the changes form the infra team and expect the infra team’s primary role would be review and approval.


  1. As always we can do nothing and go with the status quo

  2. We could host the election data on its own vhost



Primary assignee:

Tony Breeds (o-tony)

Additional assignee:

Tristan Cacqueray (tristan-cacqueray) Joshua Hesketh (jhesketh)

Tony will primarily work on the {system,project}-config changes required and Tristan will work on the job to build the required HTML.

Gerrit Topic

We will use the add_elections as the gerrit topic

Work Items

  1. Define a vhost on

  2. Create a tox env and Jenkins job to generate candidate lists using the usual “python build_sphinx” entry point

  3. Create a Jenkins job to publish the generated HTML




No new servers. I propose that be modified to handle this role.

DNS Entries

Yes: should be a CNAME for


I believe that this spec and changes to system-config and project-config repos will be adequate documentation.


I propose to use as a template so I do not expect any new security concerns


I don’t believe that this spec introduces any infra specific testing. Of course Tristan and I will endeavour to thoroughly test changes in the openstack/election repo.


None outside of this spec.