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Host Stackalytics Service!/story/2000274

Host the Stackalytics Service within the community-managed project infrastructure.

Problem Description

The Statalytics Service is currently maintained by Mirantis, Inc and has become the de-facto standard stats reporting tool for the OpenStack community. Mirantis staff have agreed the best home for this service is within the community hosting infrastructure rather than under the control of a single member company.

Proposed Change

Create a puppet-stackalytics module and convert the running site into puppet. We should check with Mirantis if anything has already been created. A medium VM will be required since there will be cron job needed for the stackalytics-processor.


Allow Mirantis to continue providing support for a community resource.



Primary assignee:


Intrastructure root shepherd:

mordred SergeyLukjanov

Gerrit Topic

Use Gerrit topic “puppet-stackalytics” for all patches related to this spec.

git-review -t puppet-stackalytics

Work Items

A puppet-stackalytics puppet module will needed to be created, some bits also to be added into openstack-infra/system-config. Finally a new node will need to be launched for the server.

Additionally, stackforge/stackalytics should be moved into openstack-infra/stackalytics. Allowing for more contributors to support the project.

Within stackalytics, default_data.json should be moved out of the project and into openstack-infra/project-config.


A openstack-infra/puppet-stackalytics repo will be created.


A server will need to be created. No other existing server should need to be modified.

DNS Entries

The A and AAAA resource records will need to be created. The domain should be redirected to the new server.


The openstack-infra/system-config documentation will be updated to include a summary of the Stackalytics Service.


The Stackalytics Service is a static service driven from git. It will live on a dedicated system with the ability to grow in the future.


The existing puppet apply/integration jobs.