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Stackviz Deployment


Stackviz is a tool for visualizing Tempest gate runs. Presently, the project is in a stable state under openstack/stackviz. This spec details the process of getting Stackviz integrated on the build images to run with live data. For the most up to date information on this process, see:

Problem Description

Stackviz currently exists under openstack/stackviz, and can be downloaded, built and run against local test run data. The tool provides a timeline, detailed test view, and traceback logs to help developers easily debug runs that went wrong. However, this does not provide much utility to OS developers about their current patches in the gate. For Stackviz to be a truly useful debugging tool, it must be available on-demand, with little to no config work on the part of the developer.

Proposed Change

To solve this, we propose that Stackviz be integrated upstream with the following two-pronged approach:

First, download a copy of Stackviz onto the Nodepool images. The required npm dependencies will be downloaded and installed, and the static site will be built. To accomplish this, a new Nodepool DIB element will be made for the creation of the repository and building of the static site.

Second, copy the site into logs uploaded to the logs server. Additional data processing at this step will include installing the python processing module (stackviz-export) and parsing subunit and dstat.csv logs. A configuration file will be generated for each patch, which will allow the developer to browse a Stackviz site within each set of logs using their patch’s data.


A puppet deployment is another option for consideration (puppet-stackviz). Traditionally, infra has deployed software via puppet modules and not DIB elements. Stackviz would be breaking the pattern in this case.

A third-party Stackviz deployer is currently up for testing purposes at:

This demonstrates another possibility: creating a standalone server that pulls logs from Gerrit at the request of a user to generate a Stackviz on-the-fly. More details for this project can be viewed at:



Primary assignee:


Secondary assignee:


Gerrit Topic

Use Gerrit topic “deploy-stackviz” for all patches related to this spec.

git-review -t deploy-stackviz

Work Items

Currently, there are WIP patches for both parts of the process outlined above: Nodepool element: Devstack-gate patch:

See for more details




The Nodepool images will need an additional DIB element to do pre-processing work for Stackviz. The devstack-gate images will also require an additional script for creating config files and hosting the sites.

DNS Entries



If implemented correctly, Stackviz should fundamentally change the OS developer workflow process. Checking the Stackviz site on the logs server should become the first thing that the developers do once their patch goes through the gate tests. will need to be updated.