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Host Trystack Web Content!/story/2000302

Host the Trystack web content within the community-managed project infrastructure.

NOTE This specification does not affect how or where the sandbox environment runs. That is outside the scope of this document.

Problem Description

The Trystack web content is currently hosted on Rackspace and maintained by Red Hat, Inc. Red Hat staff have agreed the best home for this content is within the community hosting infrastructure rather than under the control of a single member company.

Proposed Change

Import the git repository for the web contents into a new repo with in openstack-infra along with creating a new trystack.o.o static site. There is no need to provision a new VM as the contents can live under the static.o.o while creating an vhost within the Apache configuration.


Allow Rackspace to continue hosting the site while Red Hat maintains the static content for a community resource.



Primary assignee:


Gerrit Topic

Use Gerrit topic “puppet-trystack” for all patches related to this spec.

git-review -t puppet-trystack

Work Items

  • Import trystack static content into a new openstack-infra/trystack-site repo.

  • Update the puppet modules for static.o.o to include vhost for trystack.o.o.

  • Create DNS entries.


A openstack-infra/trystack-site repo will be created.


No new servers required.

DNS Entries

The A and AAAA resource records will need to be created. The domain should be redirected to the new server.


The openstack-infra/system-config documentation will be updated to include a summary of the Trystack site.


The Trystack site is a static content driven from git. It will live on a shared system with the ability to be moved to a dedicated server in the future.