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The PTG will have unconference like scheduled rooms/activities. It has been requested that we run an Ethercalc server to help facilitate the adhoc scheduling of these rooms. The spreadsheet setup makes it easy to track a matrix or rooms against times and Ethercalc’s distributed editing feature makes it a good choice for the PTG.

Problem Description

Run an Ethercalc server to facilitate distributed scheduling of shared (real world) resources.

Proposed Change

We will deploy a new server,, using the puppet-nodejs and puppet-redis modules to install nodejs+npm from which we can install ethercalc. Ethercalc unlike etherpad does have a hard dependency on Redis so puppet-redis will be used to deploy a colocated Redis server.


We could use some on site physical scheduling medium. A common choice at unconferences is post it notes on a grid. White boards would also work. The trouble with these setups is that they are centralized to a physical location making it difficult for people not on site or in different areas to keep up with the current state.



Primary assignee:

cboylan (clarkb)

Gerrit Topic

Use Gerrit topic “ethercalc” for all patches related to this spec.

git-review -t ethercalc

Work Items

  • Write puppet module for ethercalc

  • Write operational documentation in system-config

  • Deploy new server using new puppet module

  • Update DNS when service is ready

  • Announce service availability


Will need to create puppet-ethercalc. An alternative would be to tack this on to the existing puppet-etherpad module as they are similar.


Need to create

DNS Entries



Just docs related to the new service in the system-config docs.


This should be low risk. The service will be completely isolated from all other services.


We will reuse existing puppet testing templates to ensure the module works.


Will need new puppet-ethercalc repo. Note I have searched for an ethercalc module on puppetforge and found none.