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StoryBoard: Integration tests

StoryBoard needs to have integration tests to ensure that all components are interacting together properly, and to confirm that changes done in a component are not affecting the normal behaviour of the others.

Problem description


StoryBoard is composed of several components that interact together. At the moment we have storyboard project for the backend, and storyboard-webclient for the frontend. We also have the python-storyboard client and in the future more components can be added.

We have tests to ensure the quality of individual components, but we don’t have anything in place to ensure that changes done in one project are not affecting the others. There is a subset of tests created under StoryBoard webclient, but they only run when a change is done in the frontend, not in the backend.

There is a strong need to create a set of tests to connect all these components together. Changes done in StoryBoard backend need to be tested against webclient and python-storyboard. Changes done either in the webclient or on python-storyboard need to be tested against the backend.

Proposed change

Creation of integration tests for StoryBoard

A new macro and related jobs using that need to be created into the Infrastructure project. These tests need to be called on check and gate on each affected project, and need to run a complete suite of tests that ensure that changes done in one component do not affect the others.

The related client components (at the moment storyboard-webclient and python-storyboard client) need to include integration tests on their repository. These tests will run against the backend.

Workflow for an integration test execution

  • A change is created on an StoryBoard component, that triggers the integration tests:

    • On a change to the backend, all client integration tests will run.

    • On a change to a client, that client’s tests will be run.

  • A setup script that installs the StoryBoard backend is executed. That script will install StoryBoard API server along with its dependencies, properly configured to run the tests. This script will belong to the scope of the StoryBoard backend project.

  • Integration tests for the StoryBoard webclient and python client can be run now. The task to set the environment to run the tests will be in the scope of each client, because they are using different languages (javascript, python), so the tooling is totally different. We also ensure that if new projects are added into the future, can take care of their own tests.


Implementation of the integration tests needs to be different depending on the client, and details are left to the person implementing that, but following the exposed premises.

As described, a new builder needs to be created on project-config, that takes care of the clone and backend installation. Zuul-cloner will be used to set up the git repositories for all components at the start of each test job.

Jobs will be runing in a one-per-one basis, it means: * storyboard-webclient => storyboard-backend * python-storyboardclient => storyboard-backend

A change done in the backend will trigger both jobs, and if new components are added we need to be sure that all combinations are covered.


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This will involve testing on reusable devstack-trusty nodes.

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Once tests are on place we need to run all possible combinations to ensure that integration tests are on place and working.