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Survey Server

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Offer an open source survey service for OpenStack projects.

Problem Description

We don’t provide a solution in infra for creating and sharing surveys with their communities. As a result, many use third party and/or proprietary services.

Proposed Change

Create a new server for surveys running LimeSurvey.

There is no Ubuntu package in the repositories for this service, so we’ll need to create a Puppet module that handles installation and then keep up with security updates.

Implement webserver-based authentication with OpenID using Apache mod_auth_openid and LimeSurvey’s auth_webserver plugin.


Maintained open source survey options are very limited. There is an older Ruby on Rails application called Journey and a new, alpha release one called Encuestame Java application. Given the framework requirements, these both feel a bit overkill for our simple needs.

One option for simple surveys may be to use our new Ethercalc server as it can do forms with responses that fill counters in sheet fields. I have a hunch though that this will be too simple though as it would be easily gamified.



Primary assignee:

Anita Kuno (anteaya)

Gerrit Topic

Use Gerrit topic “survey” for all patches related to this spec.

git-review -t survey

Work Items

  • Investigate availability of existing LimeSurvey Puppet modules.

  • If none are available, develop a puppet class in a system-config patch to do the work with our current implementation of Puppet 3. Revisit this direction once our Puppet is upgraded.

  • Configure LimeSurvey to use the mod_auth_openid module.

  • Launch the new server with a survey service and MySQL database.


None at this time



DNS Entries


We will need to write system-config documentation for administration of the survey software.

User-facing software may also be needed, so contributors know about and how to interact with the survey software.


We will need to pay attention to security updates of the software from upstream since there is no distro package.