Mediawiki is installed on

At a Glance


Overview runs off of Wikimedia Foundation deployment branches. This was done to ease the pain of managing Mediawiki extensions. The foundation branches come with git submodules that refer to known good versions of extensions. Much (but not all) of the configuration is in puppet in the openstack-infra/system-config repository. Mediawiki upgrades are currently performed manually.

Mediawiki Upgrades

Two versions of Mediawiki are installed with one being the active install and the other being previously used version kept as a backup. The two installs can be found at /srv/mediawiki/slot0 and /srv/mediawiki/slot1. The /srv/mediawiki/w symlink refers to active Mediawiki install slot. To perform a Mediawiki upgrade:

  1. Determine which install slot is active ls -l /srv/mediawiki/w. Once this value is known do not use /srv/mediawiki/w in your commands, doing so will break the git submodules. Always use specific slot paths eg /srv/mediawiki/slot0.

  2. Fetch the latest git content in the inactive slot cd /srv/mediawiki/$INACTIVE_SLOT && git fetch.

  3. Find the latest Wikimedia Foundation branch git branch -a. Make sure this version matches we don’t want to upgrade until that upstream is running the latest version.

  4. Create and checkout a local tracking branch for the latest upstream branch git checkout -b wmf/1.22wmf11 origin/wmf/1.22wmf11.

  5. Update the git submodules for this new branch git submodule update --init.

  6. Take stock of the current state of extensions git status. You should see several untracked dirs for things like the strapping skin and openid. Any untracked extensions that we are not using should be removed.

  7. Update the untracked extensions that we are using cd $EXTENSION_DIR && git pull origin master. Note there may be conflicts doing this if security patches or bug fixes have been applied by hand. Refer to /srv/mediawiki/NOTES for info.

  8. Run the backup script /srv/mediawiki/ This will backup the active slot to /srv/backup.

  9. Update the DB schemas php maintenance/update.php --quick. Be sure to run this within the slot you are upgrading (the inactive slot). If you used the cd in step 2 this should be the case. Mediawiki DB schemas are backward compatible so we can upgrade it without taking down the active slot.

  10. If there were updates to the CirrusSearch extension, search may stop working unless the index is rebuilt. The easiest way to do this is php extensions/CirrusSearch/maintenance/updateSearchIndexConfig.php --startOver followed by php extensions/CirrusSearch/maintenance/forceSearchIndex.php relative to the inactive slot you’ve upgraded (option 1.A as described at in the upgrading section).

  11. At this point we are ready to change the /srv/mediawiki/w symlink to point to the slot we just upgraded rm -f /srv/mediawiki/w && ln -s /srv/mediawiki/$PREVIOUSLY_INACTIVE_SLOT /srv/mediawiki/w. should report the new version now.