Paste servers are an easy way to share long-form content such as configuration files or log data with others over short-form communication protocols such as IRC. OpenStack runs the “lodgeit” paste software.

At a Glance



For OpenStack we use a fork of lodgeit which is based on one with bugfixes maintained by dcolish but adds back missing anti-spam features required by OpenStack.

Puppet configures lodgeit to use MySQL as a database backend, apache as a front-end proxy.

The lodgeit module will automatically create a git repository in /var/backups/lodgeit_db. Inside this every site will have its own SQL file, for example “openstack” will have a file called openstack.sql. Every day a cron job will update the SQL file (one job per file) and commit it to the git repository.


Ideally the SQL files would have a row on every line to keep the diffs stored in git small, but mysqldump does not yet support this.