Base Jobs


The base job for OpenDev’s installation of Zuul.

All jobs ultimately inherit from this. It runs a pre-playbook which copies all of the job’s prepared git repos on to all of the nodes in the nodeset. It runs a post-playbook which copies all of the files in the logs/ subdirectory of the executor work directory to the logserver.

It also sets default timeout and nodeset values (which may be overidden).

Responds to these variables:

Default: Omitted

This sets the serial keyword in the pre and post playbooks which can be an integer or percentage.

See ansible documentation for more information:


A subset of what the ‘base’ job provides: the absolute minimum considered required to run for any one job. It doesn’t set up cached git repositories, will not set up mirrors, doesn’t validate the node, etc. It is meant to be used, amongst other things, to test roles and playbooks that would otherwise be included by default as part of the ‘base’ job. These tasks, if required, can be included by the dependant jobs themselves on a need basis.


A job to test changes to the base job without disturbing the main job in production. Not for general use.