Vendor entity

Any user who has successfully authenticated to the RefStack server can create vendor entities. The minimum required information to create a vendor is the vendor name. Users can update the rest of the vendor related information at a later time.

Vendor admin

Whenever a user creates a vendor, this user will be added as the vendor’s first vendor admin. Subsequently, any admin of the vendor can add additional users to the vendor. In RefStack, the “OpenStack User ID” of users are used as the identities for adding users to vendors. At the time this document is written, RefStack has not implemented user roles, and as such, all users of a vendor are admin users.

Vendor types

There are four types of vendor entities in RefStack:

  • Foundation:

    This is a special entity representing the OpenStack Foundation. Users belong to this entity are the Foundation admins. Foundation admins have visibility to all vendors and products.

  • Private:

    A vendor will always be created with type “private”. Vendors of this type are only visible to their own users and Foundation admins. Vendor users can initiate a registration request to the Foundation to change its type from “private” to “official”.

  • Pending

    Once a registration request is submitted, the vendor type will be changed automatically from type “private” to “pending”. Vendors of this type are still only visible to their own users and Foundation admins.

  • Official

    Once a vendor registration request is approved by the Foundation. The vendor type will be changed from “pending” to “official”. Official vendors are visible to all RefStack users.