Product entity

Any user who has successfully authenticated to the RefStack server can create product entities. The minimum information needed to create a product entity is as follows:

  • Name

    This is the name of the product entity being created.

  • Product type:

    Product types are defined by OpenStack as shown on the OpenStack Marketplace ( ). Currently, there are three types of products, namely: Distro & Appliances, Hosted Private Clouds and Public Clouds.

  • Vendor

    This is the vendor which owns the product. A default vendor will be created for the user if no vendor entity exists for this user.

Whenever a product is created, by default, it is a private product and is only visible to its vendor users. Vendor users can make a product publicly visible as needed later. However, only products that are owned by official vendors can be made publicly visible.

Product version

A default version is created whenever a product is created. The name of the default version is blank. The default version is used for products that have no version. Users can add new product versions to the product as needed.