Release Notes


New Features

  • Add support for AlmaLinux to Bindep.


New Features

  • Add support for Rocky Linux and Manjaro to Bindep.


New Features

  • Bindep can now be imported as a Python module, useful when making plugins for other Python-based tools or experimenting in the REPL.

  • Basic support for Oracle Linux is now included.

  • A new set of virtual platform profiles, platform:base-py2 and platform:base-py3 can be used to differentiate packages on Debian derivatives (including Ubuntu), Red Hat derivatives (including CentOS and Fedora), and MacOS X/Darwin.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved parsing of warning and error output from the apk tool in alpine.

  • Now handles parsing pacman 1.5.2 and later output so –brief works on newer releases of Archlinux.

  • If a local file has the same name as a package, this no longer confuses parsing of pacman output on Arch Linux.


New Features

  • New syntax extention allows declaring a group of profiles which must be specified to enable the package. Using the syntax as follows

    package1 [(profile1 profile2)]

    To install ‘package1’ you must declare profile1 AND profile2