Automatic Tempest Configuration

Problem Description

A big barrier of entry to running the Interop tests is the fact that configuring tempest is done by the person running the tests and it requires knowledge of tempest that an end user of a cloud may not have.

Proposed solution

To make running the Interop tests easier for people that don’t know anything about tempest, the tempest.conf can be created automatically by the refstack-client and provide an example tempest.conf populated with values from the target cloud.

$ source openstackrc file
$ refstack-client config -h
      --os-cloud <name of the cloud> # Using specific cloud.yaml files
      --use-test-accounts <Use accounts from accounts.yaml>
$ # we can also use discover-tempest-config to generate tempest.conf
$ discover-tempest-config --create

Data model impact


REST API impact


Security impact

  • A basic refstack-client assumption is non-admin credentials. If a feature is not discovered by the tool due to lack of permissions, the tool should be able to handle proper exceptions by notifying proper message and continue processing.

Performance Impact


Other Deployer Impact

One of the main goals of this project is to create a script that can be consumed by any project needing to configure tempest. It is not going to install any tempest plugins.

Developer impact

The tool should be generic so that it can be used as a python dependency so that other projects can benefit from it.



Primary assignee: * Chandan Kumar (chandankumar) * Martin Kopec (martinkopec) * Arx Cruz (arxcruz) * Luigi Toscano (tosky)

Other contributors:


Work Items

  • Refactor the python-tempestconf code to auto-generate the required tempest.conf for running interop tests using non-admin accounts.

  • Implement refstack-client config in order to integrate with refstack.

  • Add respective CI jobs to test the refstack-client config by running Interop tests.

  • Add proper info message as a feature is not getting created on how to create it. For example: If glance image is not getting uploaded, provide proper commands on how to upload manually.

  • Add proper documentation stating what configurations are getting generated and how to use them.



The python-tempestconf project has sufficient testing, and that the refstack-client can depend on upstream testing of the dependent product.

Documentation Impact

Documentation will be added to the client and readme files that describes how to use the configuration discovery.