Default values

python-tempestconf provides sensitive default values for many options in order to simplify its usage, reducing the amount of options that needs to be specified.

Here is the list of tempest options, which are set by default:

debug = true
use_stderr = false
log_file = tempest.log

username = demo_tempestconf
password = secrete
project_name = demo
alt_username = alt_demo_tempestconf
alt_password = secrete
alt_project_name = alt_demo

; if member role is not present tempest_roles option is not set
tempest_roles = member
admin_username = admin
admin_project_name = admin
admin_domain_name = Default

reseller_admin_role = ResellerAdmin

lock_path = /tmp

# Default deployment does not use shared storage
preserve_ports = true

ipv6_subnet_attributes = true