Before reading this page, it’s recommended to go through User Guide first as the content on this site is more advanced and uses knowledge gained from the User Guide.

This page shows examples of usage of python-tempestconf where admin credentials are required. That means, only users with admin credentials will run discover-tempest-config with arguments described on this page successfully.

Why admin credentials? It’s because python-tempestconf can create resources necessary for tempest execution in order to make user’s life easier.

The following resources are created only when --create argument is used:

  • flavors, to see what flavors are created, see User Guide, Flavors section

  • users, to see what users are created, see User Guide, Users section


In the following example, python-tempestconf will create all necessary resources (Flavors and Users) if they don’t exist already:

$ discover-tempest-config \
    --os-cloud devstack-admin \

If a user wants to use a custom image (instead of the default cirros one), a minimum memory and disk size for new flavors can be defined by --flavor-min-mem and --flavor-min-disk arguments.

$ discover-tempest-config \
    --image <path/url to custom image> \
    --flavor-min-mem 1024 \
    --flavor-min-disk 10

In the example above python-tempestconf will create custom flavor with 1024 MB of RAM and 10 GB of disk size and custom_alt* flavor with 1024 + 1 MB of RAM and 10 GB of disk size.

python-tempestconf can also create a minimal accounts file when --create-accounts-file is used. It can be useful when a user doesn’t have any accounts.yaml and wants to create it. It can be done with one call:

$ discover-tempest-config \
    --os-cloud devstack-admin \
    --create \
    --create-accounts-file ~/accounts.yaml

The call above will behave the same as if --test-accounts argument was used, see here. The generated accounts file will look similarly to this one:

$ cat ~/accounts.yaml
# A minimal accounts.yaml file
# Will likely not work with swift, since additional
# roles are required. For more documentation see:

- password: password
  project_name: admin
  username: admin


More about accounts file can be found in our documentation about Usage with tempest accounts file